the wind is real

Big Pimpin’

sail racer 3 15SailRacer.net is a software company which has developed a smart phone app (Android and iPhone) for sail racing professionals and amateur racers. The basics are free, but a 10 euro annual subscription brings Premium features equal to a 2000 euro value (what would be needed to spend on mast mounted devices having similar features).
As said on their website – SailRacer.net is an additional tool next to the standard yacht equipment to take tactical decisions faster and to boost the performance of the boat and the crew. The interface is designed in a way that the important information is captured in a splash of a second without the need to analyze the numbers.
The app has the capability to incorporate NMEA data, integrates with the www.sailracer.net website – with a real time tracker, polar library, race course coordinates and marker sync.

The main 5 key features:

1) Time to burn
Guides the boat for an accurate and precise start, to cross the starting line at the very last moment at full speed.

2) Distance to starting box laylines
Supports getting to the best possible place at the Pin or the Boat end of the starting line.

3) Course laylines
Helps navigate to a mark in the most efficient manner, taking into account wind, polar and adjusted for the effects of currents.

4) Wind development curve (short and long term)
Tracks the oscillation and development of the wind, helps predict and choose the winning tack and to plan maneuvers.

5) Boat efficiency (%)
Provides first indication to readjust the travelers and to tune the rig. It is calculated according to polar, actual speed and target speed.

And they have nice and very addictive online game: The wind is real. Try it.