little booty

Local Knowledge

bootyAlthough having had lots of memorable moments in the  X412, there still was something inside me which brought a kind of nostalgic feeling. The 41′ yacht is probably the best sized alternative to combine cruising and some club racing from time to time. On the other hand, a 41′ racing yacht is a “big boat” when it comes to crew management, training and running costs.

It becomes an art to keep the crew complete year round and handling the boat in a breeze can become quite a challenge if no training is done. It was the moments of worry-free sailing on small yachts like the J24  that really made me enjoy the round the cans whether it was on a race like Cowes week or on the local sunday-afternoon-race.

It was an idea which I kept thinking about, but the cruises with the now 5 year old daughter, giving her the passion for sailing is one of the great things in life. When I spoke with Jan Vandamme, owner of a shipyard in Belgium things changed. Plans were there to build a new 24 yacht designed by Frans Maas, a veteran sailor and highly experienced designer. The concept was unique!

An all carbon built 24 foot yacht with standing headroom, an inboard diesel and all comfort you need on a short cruise. At only 1050 kg the boat can be easily trailed by a family car. For sailing pleasure more than 55% of this weight is in the keel. Carbon mast, boom and vang complete the package and keep it easy to rig.

But what it makes the most unique is probably the classic look and it being double-ender. In this decade where wide open transoms and double steering wheels are common it was a pleasure to see the elegance of the past. This double-end concept is the reason for the design type being called “Booty 24”. Because elegance is one but performance is also a major concern, the underwater design is up to date with modern appendages and designed for speed and sailing pleasure.

The boat is now in it’s final stage of completion and will be in premier on the Belgian Boat Show next month. We can’t wait to set sail and go for a great race season! – W.D.