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on top of miss world

miss world

First, young Sam Greenfield parlays his video talents into a dog-day internship at the Volvo Ocean Race last year.  Then, he turns that into a full-time job editing video for the race.  Then, he does a last-minute Safety At Sea course and becomes the substitute OBR aboard Dongfeng Race Team.  He sets sail from Abu Dhabi with a drone and a big dose of youthful exhuberance, immediately branding his own feel on the VOR media effort.  Next, he wins the leg into China, having been a very important part of the team (according to the sailors).  And then this morning, he escorts the South African Miss World to the top of the DFRT mast for a video and selfie shot.

Note to Sam: FUCK YOU (yes, we love you).

Note to young videographers: This is where some Sailing Anarchy exposure, combined with talent and a shitload of hard work can lead you.

Note to World: This is NOT A SELFIE, no matter how hard Sam (behind the camera) is trying to make it look like one.  You can perv on some real selfies of Rolene Strauss over on Instragram.