Most of you have heard something about this story (we’ve been working on it for quite awhile and will have it to you tomorrow), but here is at least an official verdict against the guilty party. This dude has a bit of a reputation and  is no friend of SA, so all we’ll say is “nice job, bro.”

The US and International J70 Class Associations have suspended the Class membership of Bennet Greenwald effective immediately. Mr. Greenwald has accepted this suspension in lieu of a suspension hearing as described in the International Class Constitution Section 6. This suspension was precipitated by a series of events that included, most recently, a measurement protest and disqualification from 5 races at the 2015 J70 Midwinter Championship at Key West Race Week. Mr. Greenwald will be eligible for J70 Class membership in May of 2016.

In addition, the Class Registration for the two boats owned by Mr. Greenwald (hulls 34 and 206) have been revoked, and the boats must be inspected by a Class measurer under the supervision of the International Technical Committee before they can be sailed again in a J70 Class event.