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all live, all the time

We’ve been pushing hard for the better part of a decade for more live streaming video from the world’s biggest ocean race, and going by what Inmarsat executive and VOR junkie Chris McLaughlin has been saying, it’s almost here.  From VOR news:

If the terminals and equipment can be developed for the next race, then we could stream the latest releases to the boats, and we’ll be able to see constant streaming in the same way as you see in Formula 1 race cars.

Imagine if you will that you can not only monitor the crew and what they’re saying but also their heart rate, their health conditions, their sails, the loading of the rig, the tension, the constant speeds, the trim angles.

You will effectively be sitting on the boat with everyone else. It’s that real-time, real experience that everybody really wants.” “Imagine that you, the viewer, can command the cameras that you want to see. What if you’re only interested in the bowman, his story and his technique? What if you’re only interested in helmswoman, and the way she is driving the boat?

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