down in the park

One of the best posts in our kick-ass forum. Sorry we butchered it with the Marilyn Manson cover title song

As for the Central Park part, you can have a lot of fun showing up there with an RC sailboat and radio on a Saturday morning.  Not in sailing, but in fighting with the yahoos that take their RC sailboat racing very seriously.

Here’s my attempt at shortening a long story.

– Father in-law sends me an RC boat for Christmas with a note about wanting to seeing it sail

– 2 months later father-in-law is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer

– about a month after diagnosis, it’s clear that things won’t be getting better

– marathon weekend sessions to build the damn boat, finally get it done

– enlist an old college buddy to video the maiden voyage in the Central Park pond where they allow RC boats.

– show up at the pond with boat

– yahoos start screaming at me about using the radio and potentially messing with their precious race

– after screaming back, decide this is better handled face to face and walk around to confront the screamers who bravely retreat into a small pack

– friend arrives, see the antics and decides is amused enough to record the streams of profanity, hostility, and vitriol that spew forth

– crazy people back down and a tentative truce is formed

– boat sails beautifully, video is captured, etc.

– friend packages video for me and trip is taken to left coast to share with father-in-law

– lots of smiles and pride on his face as he watches the boat sail, he develops more energy than he’s had in weeks

– several comments about how he (who has never sailed at all) would be able to beat all those bastards

– leave for the evening, come back the next day

– smile on his face is bigger than ever.  It turns out my friend added the “confrontation” to the end of the video which I hadn’t watched.  He also added some of the many female sights that he captured in the park while waiting for me to get the boat ready

– Father-in-law had watched the video 3 times on a portable DVD player we had given him.

– he commends my use of profanity and gives me “the nod” for caring for his daughter

– when I mention that I bought half a dozen crystals (the things that control the frequency the RC transmitters transmit on) the evil grin returns to his face and he shakes my hand again

– he passes a few weeks later

– spent some Saturday mornings that summer sitting behind a tree up the hill to the west of the pond randomly inserting crystals into the transmitter and making random movements with the controls.

– my father-in-law would have wanted it that way. Thread here.