in the yard

Local Knowledge

yard 1Our boats needed some work on them after some minor typhoon damage so my best pal, Jimmy Ma offered me the use of his mothballed boatyard here in Shanghai. One photo couldn’t do it justice. Photo 1 shows the property (from Google Earth) with the blue shed with our two quarter tonners sitting just to the top of the picture (gives an idea of size). Photo 2 the mast being brought to ground level with ONE of the electric overhead cranes,  and this photo is the boats themselves.

Apart from a handful of motorboats under wraps and a few guard dogs we have the place to ourselves and have the run of the place. Total area about 40 acres and enough under cover space for half the Volvo fleet. Couldn’t quite pack it up as quickly as ‘The Boatyard’ manage to do though.

Spoiled? Big enough? You betcha. Thanks Jimmy. Looking forward to welcoming the fleet into Sanya from around Tuesday/Wednesday of next week. – Shanghai Sailor.