on the cheap

We get letters…

I have two regular personal reads (SA and Professional Boatbuilder). PB has just started its second attempt at an electronic copy. Its painful and actually a bit unpleasant. I told them that yesterday. today I will tell them to check out SA. Lots of stuff, easy access to the vendors, etc.

As I was reading your stuff, I was thinking that it was all about spending the dough and buying the stuff in the ads. I understand that is all exciting but is has become about 12 professionals being flown to an exotic site for incredible races on things that are barely boats. I was thinking that 50 years ago there were 10? times as many people actually experiencing sailing. Anarchy is not about a few dot.com guys getting their freaq on. Its about the unwashed mass getting out there and doing it. Then I ran across your Mongo series. You are forgiven (for now). I know you need advertising or you will be as dead as Yachting Mag. But remember they went down the tubes by never letting a month go by with yet another Hatterass review. So keep up your good work. If you double or triple the number of sailors, you will have won even if 90% never buy a new boat.

By the way, Cruising Anarchy doesn’t count. The number of guys sailing around the world on the cheap in Joshua Slocomb’s day ( 1 guy) is the same as today (Mongo). We need a new class of sailing measured by how much money you don’t need.

I am going to think about this. I think you need a section dedicated to sailing on the cheap. – Anarchist Bruce.