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Graham McKenzie is a lawyer from New Zealand who has been a member of the Jury for the last three America’s Cups.  Prior to that, he seems to have no real significant history in yacht racing.  McKenzie has been non-responsive to repeated requests for comment on this article.

The ISAF Judges Manual is very specific about conflict of interest saying, “A conflict of interest exists when an ISAF Race Official has, or reasonably appears to have, a personal or financial interest which could affect the officials ability to be impartial”.  McKenzie is a member of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, who as the world knows was one of the two competing clubs in the last America’s Cup.  How is being a member of one of the two competing clubs in the America’s Cup not a conflict of interest for a member of the America’s Cup Jury?  Why does McKenzie get a pass from the ISAF Executive Committee on this?  Read on.