tent city

Big Pimpin’

boat tent 11boatTENT is a Scandinavian startup launching a cockpit cover without any metallic parts, being very easy to store bellow deck in a bag and setup in less than 3 minutes. The tent is custom built to fit each boats dimensions and price starts at $950 (€799) for 21 to 26 footers (LOA), going up to $1,650 / €1,399 for 35-40 footers (simple pricing based on LOA).

They’re offering 40-60% discounts for the first orders. The cover  uses a bladder inflatable at 7psi, similar to the ones used in kitesurf kites. This makes it very easy to assemble and store bellow deck, something that attracts small cruisers and racers that would otherwise not have one to avoid drilling holes into their deck and the traditional fixed metallic parts.

We hear that the first orders will be shipped to clients late January and we’ll have more photos by then. First orders are for owners with boats like the Seascape 27, Figaro 2, Wasa30, X99, First 35 and others. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter or be one of the first to pre-order yours.