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standing up

charlieThe horror show in Paris has shaken up much of Europe, and thanks to some of our French readers, we’ve got this well-remembered cover from more than 40 years ago to pay tribute to the spirit of the shit-stirring mag and yachting.  It’s the mag’s response to Pen Duick IV’s dismasting during the Whitbread back in January 1974, a backhanded compliment to Eric Tabarly’s massive male genitalia (figuratively, and we’ve heard literally) and ego.

Our thoughts go out to our frères et soeurs in and around Paris effected by this horrible attack; Charlie Hebdo remains typically defiant, though they’ll sell some 50 times their regular circulation for the next issue – featuring cartoons of Mohammed himself.  Nice.

Leading VOR 65 skipper Charles Caudrelier had some comments about the massacre a few days ago; check ’em.