shoulda been

shit load of Moths on beachWith thanks to Sperry Top-Sider here’s another look at the Moth Worlds fleet:

“Mate, you shoulda been here a few days ago” is the Aussie version of ‘it’s not usually like this,’ and a walk along the beautiful beach in front of the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club reveals a final registration of 160-odd boats; by far the largest fleet of foiling boats ever assembled, lying in waiting as a trough of low pressure between two formed highs has created hot, cloudy and calm conditions in this normally sunny and breeze-on venue.

With no racing completed on day one or two of a 2-day International Moth Australian Nationals, the anticipation amongst the fleet of competitors, not to mention the media and spectators, continues to grow ahead of the main event; the 2015 McDougall + McConaghy International Moth World Championship which begin on Saturday downunder/Friday evening stateside. Mother Nature should play ball then, but during the last two days, this massively stacked fleet of sailors has been constantly tweaking boats and trying to maintain focus and composure, attempting in vain to hide the frustration that bubbles beneath the surface.

Father: son non-foilersFortunately for us and for our readers, the postponement has provided us a chance to dig through just about every boat on the beach; We’ve seen about a hundred different ways to rig the same boat (Mach 2), had a good walk around the new Prowler and Exocet boats to learn what makes them tick, and have even found a handful of non-foiling antiques including a father/ son team battling for family bragging rights. Clean tried his best to run us into oncoming traffic a couple of times (did you know they drive on the opposite side of the road down here?  Clean seems not to), but we managed to pick up some new kit yesterday to enhance our live feed coverage, which begins sometime on Saturday afternoon local time (Friday evening for all you West Coasters).

The forecast looks good for a 1 pm Pre-Worlds practice race today in a forecast 12-15 knots from the south to southeast, and you might catch a glimpse of our own team’s practice for On-The-Water Anarchy – LIVE if you check out the Youtube Page.

Die-hard spectators will want to stay tuned for our full-on Form Guide, and as always, check the thread for the latest news, and keep an eye on SA Facebook for a stream of awesome photos from Sander Van Der Borch.  These photos from Ronnie Simpson’s point-and-shoot (as is most of this story).