Ocean Racing

see you later

After most of my last month spent with the Volvo Ocean Race and Barcelona World Race, it seems the phrase “see you later!” has become quite the norm amongst friends and families.  This one, though, was a bit different; the BWR is a truly intimate affair amongst the crews and racers, with wives, brothers, sisters, children – even grandparents all chipping in to work, feed, or cheer on ‘their’ team.   I was so impressed with Lili Fa, daughter of Nandor and shore crew for Spirit of Hungary with her mature presence, calm nature and talking about how proud she is of her father. It touched my heart and reminded me why I love what I do. I’m excited to continue to follow the race and always my heart and mind are with the sailors to stay safe, have a great race and enjoy the ride.  Thanks for following it along with me, and be sure to follow the race at www.barcelonaworldrace.com.

-Jen Edney, Edney Adventure Photography