ro, ro, roll your boat

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The car carrier Heogh Osaka enjoys a mechanically-induced holiday on Bramble Bank in the Solent, and it’s even sailing related; Extreme Sailing Series and enthusiastic newish-to-sailing sponsor Jaguar Land Rover owns about 1200 of the vehicles aboard. (From Anarchist ‘Peter Morton 1’: “My flat looks right on to The Brambles so saw the whole thing and then listened to VTS last night. I heard the tug boat captain asking to to be vectored to the Brambles to get it “out of deep water”. It had a massive heel on to starboard before it went aground from what I could see so my guess is the big port turn at West Bramble caused a list. Went out in my RIB first light and my guess is it will be there for a while. Is certainly not coming off on the next HW as that has just past and its meters out of the water.”

More firsthand accounts, video and more pics over here.  Sweet shot from this dude on Flickr.