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After trailing into the UAE, and trailing in the practice and In-Port Races, Ian Walker’s Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing team finally did exactly what the big-spending Emirati sponsors wanted most: They turned a brilliant first beat move into a massive lead at the sendoff buoy as Leg 3 of the Volvo Ocean Race began.  Relive it above,  chat about it in the Leg 3 thread, and revisit the Stopover Thread for all the interviews and pics from Abu Dhabi. And get to the Vestas thread for a great press conference that should answer all your questions about the return of the Blue Boat.

Head over to Facebook in a few minutes where you can check out my morning Dock Walk, and thanks to all of you for tuning in.


If you’re a fan of live sailboat racing, now’s the time to start pumping yourself up for our world-beating coverage of next week’s Moth Worlds, an On-The-Water Anarchy/Perpetual Shit Show Production.  Remember when we used to bring you our own brand of irreverant and fun live video, high-quality photos, daily writeups, highlight reels, wet t-shirt contests, and so on? Well, we’re back, and this time, we’ve got the full all-star OTW Crew to go along with the most star-studded fleet in the history of the Moth Class.  Petey Crawford on the HD reels, Sander Van Der Borch on the HQ photography, Ronnie Simpson on writing and live feed production, Nic Douglass and yours truly on the microphone, a pregnant Mer working the social angles from back home, and an army of local enthusiasts helping us get ‘er done.  All brought to you thanks entirely to a sponsor who may surprise all of you.

Don’t expect to get a lot of work done from the 10th to the 16th.  You’ll find it all right here on the front page.