not so happy new year

We’re digging deep into this one, and we can tell you that it isn’t looking good for those who really should know better….

A reporter for The Australian has been ordered to leave the Sydney to Hobart media centre over a piece about the rising cost of competing in the race. Sue Neales says she was angrily asked to leave the event’s media centre.

Sue Neales, who is The Australian’s regional affairs reporter, says she was pulled aside by the centre’s head and told “Rolex is very unhappy with your article yesterday”.“You are no longer welcome in this media centre. Please pack up your things and leave,” Neales said she was “angrily” told.
Her piece, entitled “Sydney to Hobart yacht race’s yawning gap”, looked at the demise in public interest in the race coinciding with the rise in expenses for those who want to remain competitive in it.

Neales quoted a veteran of the race who said he was “fed up with the many changes money has brought to the sailing world”, lamenting the loss of “real sailing” and comparing the sport’s story to that of horse racing, with success only available to the elite. Read on.