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vestas salvage

We saw this in the G Captain and thought we’d share…

Seldom does a salvage operation run as smoothly as that of the Volvo Ocean Racing yacht, “Vestas Wind”. In a joint venture between Subtech and Svitzer, a team consisting of Neil Scott-Williams, Morgan Castle and Morne Uys of Subtech and Mike Smith and Rob Hare, veteran salvors from Svitzer was mobilized from South Africa under a Bimco Wreckhire to refloat and recover, intact, the remains of the “Vestas Wind” from the Cargados Carajos Shoal, 250nm North of Mauritius. The main objective being to salvage the deck intact to install in a new boat to be built, as that was the one item that would not be ready in time to make re-entry into the race possible.

Through the efforts of major sponsor, Maersk, arrangements were made for a container vessel, the “Jula S” to divert course and rendezvous with the salvage team during a very small window of time, on Sunday afternoon, off the Cargados Carajos Shoal. This gave the salvage team 2,5 days to inspect the vessel, confirm the method of salvage and then execute on the plan to be floating and ready for the “Jula S” or risk missing the opportunity and scuttling any chance of Team Vestas Wind re-entering the race. Read on.