on the job

Back on the water today – different capacity.

dong testFollowing Dongfeng while they tested out the repairs to a couple of sails with Nathan from ‘The Boatyard’ on board. A photo opportunity  like no other.

If anyone is in any doubt about the speed of these VO65 then think again. We spent an hour testing, slowing down, changing things – outrigger on, outrigger off, charging off again and so on. A quick blast across to Mapfre only to be waved away by Xabi Frernandez – with a big smile on his face as he did it. Well, when I say ‘we’ I was there holding the camera while others around me and on the boat did the work although how anyone who has the opportunity to sail these beautiful machines can call it work I am not sure.

When the time came to turn around in the RIB and bring ashore the masthead Code Zero for a small additional repair it became clear from the speed of the RIB and the time at that speed we had been close to 10 miles offshore in a relative blink.

I mentioned Xabi’s smile earlier and I have to say that while these teams are fiercely competitive on the water, a short walk through the team base area shows beyond doubt that in some ways they are just like one big extended family willing to help each other where they can.

Tomorrow – on the boat, pics to follow ☺

Shanghai Sailor