Loston boardvor breaking



In a fairly amazing salvage operation, Coxy, Nico and the team somehow managed to free the Volvo 65 Team Vestas Wind from the grips of the reef, and she’s already loaded on a MAERSK container ship and bound for Malaysia in incredibly good shape, considering.  The boat will be offloaded and transshipped directly to Italy, where all the ducks are all in a row to put humpty dumpty back together again.  We have no word on whether Vestas management have decided to pull the trigger, but we know Volvo wants to see it happen, and so does the world.  Tell ’em so on Facebook, and help the big blue boat get back in the race!  Talk about it in the Vestas Resurrection thread.

Photo thanks to MAERSK, with more shots and the story of the salvage op over here.