rhymin and stealin

Lottsa Pimpin’ today. Hell, it’s X-mas time, right?

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‘Twas seconds to the start, and all down the line,
Many boats were over, except, of course, mine.
Other skippers were cursing, and sounding most surly,
With much screaming at bows: “We’re OVER EARLY!”

But we’re off, fast and clean, as we charged up the course.
Tacking on headers, without slightest remorse.
And we made it look easy, as we stayed with each lift,
With the right sort of input, knowledge is a gift!

The crew was quite giddy, as we charged ahead,
With visions of pickle dishes dancing in our heads.
And we shouted with glee as we crossed in first place,
It was ProStart and Shift that had won us the race!

Velocitek has a gift for every sailor on your list:

SpeedPuck – a perfect stocking-stuffer for the dinghy sailors on your list.

ProStart – for someone naughty who likes to push the line without crossing it.

Shift – will help you with your New Year’s Resolution to Stay in Phase.

Title inspiration thanks to the Beasties….