grand pricks

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 4.23.58 PMQuestion of the Week

N00b ‘beezer’ asks: When someone says this is “Grand Prix” racing or a boat setup is “Grand Prix style,” what does that actually mean?  I assume it means a big boat and big bills?  Top of the line everything?  Is there a size cutoff? How do you define “Grand Prix Sailing” these days?

It didn’t take long for longtime Anarchist ‘ease hike trim’ (who’s plenty familiar with the world of GP sailing) to answer:

A Grand Prix boat must include at least two containers, one containing a minimum of five (5) longboard skateboards.  60% or more crew members must have nicknames that end in “ie” if Kiwi (Coutsie, Monkie, Stinkie) or “er” if Aussie (Splitter, Nipper, Stinker).  PBO fuzz on clothing.  Shoes tied to Da Kine backpack with initials or nickname embroidered on it.  Must begin at least 1/3 of all sentences with either “In Palma…” or “On ___  (fill in slang term for boat name i.e. “On Experi Mente we used to…)”…

What do you think Grand Prix Sailing means? Post up here with your answer.