in depth

Chris Nicholson sat down with us on Friday for his first real interview since his return to civilization, and with the help of about a hundred Anarchist-sourced questions we had an emotional, hour-long discussion that should answer all your questions about the grounding, the evacuation, the cleanup, the rescue, the salvage, and the future.  With both Clean and the Redhanded TV shooters in the air right now, the full edit will take a few days – but here’s a little teaser.

Be sure to check back right here on Wednesday for the full cut – it’s some of the best work we’ve ever done with one of our favorite skippers, and we owe a huge thanks to the following folks for helping to make it possible: Team Vestas Wind, the M32 Series, Redhanded TV, the Extreme Sailing Series, the Gosford Sailing Club, and of course Chris and Megan for making the long drive down to meet us.  If you want to see Nico back on the line in Newport, it’s time to start showing your support for TVW over on their Facebook Page.  You may very well make the difference…