new blood

The Extreme Sailing Series 2014. Act 8.  Credit: Lloyd Images

The first day of the first-ever Sydney stop on the Extreme Sailing Series tour was called off today just minutes after a press conference which highlighted the fact that they’d only lost a couple of days in the entire history of the event.  Ironic, perhaps, but Mr. Clean didn’t care; he got to watch 23-year old top pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons bounce around on an Extreme 40 and then grabbed 3 minutes on video with the ridiculously cute sailor chick.  As we reported last week, she’ll race to Hobart on the big Loyal, and you can hear more from her on her sailing history, how she’s preparing for the Hobart, and how she likes zipping around on a cat when we publish her video later tonight.  Sexy shot from Mark Lloyd; live video from the Extremes begins tomorrow at 1530 local.  We give up on trying to calculate what that means everywhere else!