Audiovor breaking

from their own mouths

We’re more than a little disappointed to see that the Vestas Wind media call/press conference (all but a minute or so is linked above) was straight of last century, with only pre-approved questions asked by the moderator and nothing even approaching the many meaty subjects that real sailors care about. The only ‘new’ news was, first, that Volvo still owned the boat – something we didn’t know at all, and something the race may have not wanted everyone to know.  The more important news is that Vestas and co-sponsor Powerhouse sound to be close to pulling the trigger on a new boat – VO65 hull number 8.  We hear that the materials are ordered, holiday leave has been cancelled, and the molds are being moved back into position, and by next Monday, there’s a good chance it will be underway.

What this means to points and the fleet after Vestas would rejoin is unknown.  It’s the logical extension of the kind of questions asked when the first VOR was trucked across a continent rather than sailing around it.  Would it make a mockery of the race, or is this just like a low-end Formula 1 team destroying a car and taking two or three races to deal with it before returning?

Those questions are a bit far off; in at the meantime, we’re psyched that there’s even the possibility. We’re in this at least as much for the stories of courage and fear and struggle and triumph and failure as we are for the racing.

Target time for the delivery would be the Newport stopover, and of course 90% of the world’s discussion on the Vestas grounding is going on right here.