being there

Sure, this is a bit of a pimp, but it is a good story too…

Jabuka race is the largest of the offshore races on the east coast of Adriatic. My early memory on it goes back to 2006 when we entered with four Mini650s to round up training camp we were running in nearby village of Tribunj. It so happened that weather conditions that year were near perfect and first Mini ended up finishing 5th overall in a 56 boat fleet averaging 9.6kt on the rhumb line. That was one of the best sailing I experienced but it was unlikely Minis will ever become popular in this part of the World so it felt more like an one night stand than a relationship.

Fast forward to few weeks ago to find 7 Seascape 27s – boats with Mini650 DNA in the same place where we held our Training camp 8 years ago. Crews arrived from around Europe – one double handed crew drove all the way from Norway – and looking at the crews going trough the preparation, security checks and training brought back memories. Race itself turned out to be pretty tame. First half of the race – going offshore to the small volcanic island of Jabuka – was dominated by light shifty winds that only started to build on the way back. I was part of the media crew following the race trough jabuka27.com and we decided to intercept the leaders while rounding lighthouse of Blitvenica. Even though VSR 8.8 is probably the best RIB around for going fast offshore doing 35kt in over 1m waves isn’t fun. It was worth it though and we got some really nice footage of the 27s and other boats in the first pack.

Winners of the Seascape 27 OD ended up being crew of GER12 Wilde Perle skippered by Karlheinz Muller, followed closely by shorthand team from NOR3 Seayou. GER12 also ended up 11th in line honours (out of 96 boats) and would together with NOR3 took 1st and 2nd on ORC.

From my perspective It was great to watch this scenic race and a small fleet of 27s from the outside for a first time. With over 50 Seascape 27s now delivered and a lot of their owners interested to drive south at the end of the season the experience of it all started to feel more like a relationship. – Andraz.