we thank you. all of you.


The rest of the world may see Thanksgiving as skivin’ off work and eating all day, but in an increasingly secular life it’s become something far more.  For most Americans, the harvest holiday gives us a little time to reflect on all the people and things that made our life better that year, those that deserve our thanks.  And so we share that with you.  Along with a picture we feel encompasses the spirit of giving, thanks to the interwebs.

To the millions of you spanning all corners of the globe – those who share our passion for the sometimes ridiculous, often enthralling, and occasionally sublime sport we all love – We thank you for enjoying it with us.

To the tens of thousands of you inside our strong Anarchist forum community, Sailing Anarchy thanks you for making us laugh, cry, and love, and sharing some of your most important moments with us.

To the thousands of you who contribute stories, photos, videos, legal funding, tips, scoops, and little nods of encouragement when we see you on the dock, Sailing Anarchy thanks you for giving us the power and the strength to carry on in the face of adversity. We believe our community has been helping to move sailing in positive directions over the decade and a half that we’ve been the insider’s go-to website, and we won’t quit.

To the hundreds of you corporate types who make the decisions to spend your hard-earned money to help us keep the lights on, Sailing Anarchy thanks you for your trust. Unlike most sailors, to you the sport is your livelihood, and we’re grateful you let us speak to our readers on your behalf.

And to the few dozen of you who really help us keep this place relevant and rollin’: The core writers, videographers, photographers, PR people, designers, builders, riggers, critics, event organizers, sponsorship specialists, project managers, coaches, pro racers and others who help us steer our coverage towards the things you feel need exposure, Sailing Anarchy thanks you for your commitment. Your plotting, planning, brainstorming, and hard work bringing the excitement of this sport to the world is bearing fruit. Keep it up and the next decade will finally reverse the trends of the past three, bringing millions of new faces to sailing over the next decade.  You know who you are, and we thank you for your courage.

To all sailors everywhere, we wish you and your families the happiest, healthiest, and safest harvest possible.  Happy Thanksgiving!