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Screen_Shot_2014-11-26_at_20.16.33Props to Dongfeng Race Team for keepin’ it real and sharing yet another breakage from the Charles Caudrelier-led team.  Mast track troubles disclosed a few minutes ago add to their earlier padeye shatter and rudder breakage to give the French/Chinese team the early rep as the fleet’s boatbreakers.  As Harry Hogge said, “Loose is fast, and on the edge of control.”  Or it could just be bad luck.  Read about the mast track failure – an issue that can have major repercussions for the leg – and how they’re coping with it in this excellent entry from Dongfeng’s blog.

In any case, the bulk of the fleet is almost comically close together, swapping places just like NASCARs on the high banks.  There have been close Volvo legs in the past, but 6 boats separated by a handful of miles this far up the course?  NFW.

Track ’em, chat about it, and watch videos here.