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The competition amongst Volvo On-Board Reporters (OBR) is easily as heated as it is between the skippers, at least at this early stage, because there is an immediate payoff for those who excel.  The best of each leg gets a cool 1,000 euro, and anyone who really hits it out of the viral park will have some very happy sponsors and decades of solid work ahead of them.  Given the importance of the OBR role, the commitment that VOR have thrown behind them, and the likelihood that the next 8 months will be – let’s say ‘instructive’ for the future of sailing and the media – we’re paying close attention.  And so should you.

Today’s VOR piece comes from the 2 meter tall, slightly insane cameraman Stefan Coppers (Team Brunel).  We had fun with the gangly, wild-maned Dutchman in Cape Town, and he promised to give us something we saw precious little of in Leg 1: Humor.  So for our OBR video of the week, we’ve got a little giggle for ya – click on it above.  There’s more good news today as well; over here is a gyro/steadicam look at a full gybe as requested by many of you and answered by the poet of the bunch, Dongfeng OBR Yann Riou.  We also note that Team Alvimedica is (thankfully) back to releasing a raw, daily ‘Boatfeed’ especially for the more educated fan; check out today’s here.  Also, there are now TWO teams who have their own apps.  Team SCA’s is here, while Brunel’s just got launched this morning over here.


You all may not know that the Volvo folks only run a portion of the videos coming off the boats; in order to really stay on top of what’s happening in the Indian Ocean, you need to follow the teams as well.  We’ve found our VOR mornings to be best served by opening a window with the following tabs in it.

Abu Dhabi Youtube

Alvimedica Youtube

Brunel Youtube

Dongfeng Youtube

MAPFRE Youtube

SCA Youtube

Vestas Youtube

VOR Youtube

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