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Frank Gehry has designed a building that, through its strength and singularity, represents the first artistic step on the part of the Fondation Louis Vuitton. This large vessel covered in twelve glass sails, set on a water garden created for the occasion,

Better known for its late night ladyboy whores, Paris’s Bois-Du-Boulogne is also one of the city’s biggest and prettiest parks and gardens – at least during the day.  And now, after a nearly decade-long saga, it’s also the home of one of the world’s most interesting ‘sailboats’.

Meet the Louis Vuitton Foundation’s brand new art museum and cultural center, a $150-million building that’s a piece of art in itself.  Designed by Frank Gehry and created to look like a stylized tall ship with dozens of flowing sails, the museum’s facade features some 3,600 glass and 19,000 concrete panels, which were simulated and then molded by industrial robots.

See what you can do when you keep that America’s Cup sponsorship money in your pocket?  Gorgeous work from Christophe Launay, with a big gallery here.  Video here.