stolen dance

We won’t even try to tell you that this isn’t some straight-up pimpin’, but we love the work from Petey Crawford…

A few weeks back Clean and I road tripped out to Annapolis for the boat show, part of our plan was to go for a sail on the new GUNBOAT 55. Frankly that was pretty much the carrot that lured me there. I have spent many hours on the GUNBOAT Elvis and really dig what PJ is doing with these boats. The new 55 looked sick and I was ready to see what she could do. Well, post boat show there was squat for breeze and we were boned on anything more than a cocktail cruise and a quick interview with waiting GB 55 owner Carolyn Groobey. It was then that I decided I should do the delivery back on the RAINMAKER. I got home, packed my bags and hopped a flight back to get on the boat for the trip.

We left at 6:30 am with boat captain Chris Bailet, GB Marketing Manager Lauren Battaile, and the ultra stoked owners of hull number 3 Chris and Carolyn Groobey. The weather couldn’t have been better for a delivery, and after a quick dawn patrol photo sesh with Billy Black we were on our way South. The breeze was on our hip, the sun was shining and we were ripping along seeing 18 knots pretty steadily. I was snapping pics and rolling video the whole time, and even though I was trying not to over shoot, I just couldn’t put the camera down.

We pulled into Norfolk after 13 hours of and some of the best bacon wrapped meatloaf I have ever had, courtesy of Carolyn. Eating 5 star meals in comfort at 20 kts is what helps make these boats so badass. And yes this meatloaf was 5 stars. We waited out the 45 kt breeze that evening and planned on resuming the trip when the breeze settled a bit. At about 1 pm we decided it was good enough to go and joined in with the GB 60 Fault Tolerant and left Norfolk. As we were heading out in comfort, the Coast Guard was towing in some 5kt shit box with a broken rig in some fairly rough seas. We weren’t fazed, we were stoked for a head to head race with the 60 and to finally see what this yacht can do in these conditions.

We were absolutely ripping, and easily surfing in some pretty big swell, with all of us hooting and hollering the whole time. As the afternoon wore on the breeze started to fade slowly and we were blessed with yet another amazing sunset. 2 little birds thought we were having enough fun and decided to join us. Although one of them croaked during the night (I though he was just a heavy sleeper) the other one awoke, had some bread and water and peaced out at sunrise. I can’t imagine a better trip south for a bird.

The rest of the trip unfortunately was under power as the fan totally turned off during the night. However the calm provided the backdrop for some gorgeous footage as we motored through the Outer Banks. Upon arrival in Wanchese we were greeted with a dock load full of friends and GUNBOAT staff, it was truly a family vibe. You could just feel it, and it just felt good.

The RAINMAKER crew was blessed with absolutely glamour conditions and we all had a blast on this boat. The Groobey’s may have been the most stoked as they got to see just what they have in store for them when they take delivery of GB-5503 Toccata.

Enough reminiscing, I’ve got to get back to editing.

Petey Out.