the gift that keeps on giving

What a cool idea!

foulies homelessEverybody has some old foulies hanging in their closet or in their hanging locker on the boat, maybe some boxed up in the attic or garage.  Those old sets of foul weather gear that just don’t seem to keep the elements out any longer.  You’ve had them for years, they are worn out for sailing and not good enough to sell.

Don’t take them to a for profit charity location, bring them to Sail Northwest and we’ll put together a huge box of old gear to take over to The Bridge Care Center were they will be lovingly given out to the homeless.

The exact people that need this type of clothing, the people in your neighborhood that need your help and without anyone making money off your old foul weather gear.  In 2013 local sailors helped put together 6 huge boxes of gear and warm items for the homeless – Thank you for your generosity. Jump in the thread here.