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the green coast

Looking to plan the next major championship for your class?   Look no further America’s new ‘Green Coast’, and we’re not talking about conservation.  Nope – we’re talking about the new American West – a place where, thanks to the continuing voter revolution,  smoking weed is now legal from the Mexican to Canadian border – and beyond.  Add to that some of the best sailing spots in the World, and your class should never need to go to some windless, smokeless bay again.

This applies even to the cream of the crop, too, thanks to WADA’s ten-fold increase in the amount of allowed THC in your blood. It’s now legal to smoke even for Olympian and America’s Cup racers (as long as you don’t toke ten minutes before your test).

And it ain’t just the California-to-Alaska pipeline – roughly half of US states now allow ‘kind buds’ to either treat what ails you, or just your need for the munchies, with another 10 dominoes likely to fall over the next few years.  Considering the massively positive effect that legal weed has had on Colorado’s $3 billion/year ski industry, those who can capitalize on this new development will be way ahead of the curve, and we think sailors should be right on top of it.

Just imagine it:  Green medibles and vapor pens alongside Mount Gay and Coke, new sponsors, great T-shirt design ideas, and something to finally make that regatta food palatable.  We’re in!  Is your class?