top gear

An interesting look at part of the VOR we tend not to think much about…

During the first leg, the nine crew members of Team Brunel all lost a number of kilos of muscle mass and fat. Team Brunel has a specialised medical staff in order to ensure that they are fit for the start of the second leg to Abu Dhabi on 19 November. Manual therapist Mark Haak plays an important role, and has previously supported the Ajax footballers and various Olympic athletes in their recuperation.

 “At the finish, the men are still pumped up with adrenaline and stress hormones,” Mark explains. “They still feel reasonably good at that point. It’s not until the second day that the tiredness hits them and they lose the muscle coordination in their legs. The switch from top gear to first gear also costs energy. The most important change is their sleeping patterns however. Instead of snatching four hours’ sleep, they can now spend a full night in bed during a stopover.” Read on.