we’re gonna need a montage

It’s over, final, fin; the Chicago boating season for 99% of us is complete. Upon coming to this harsh reality, I reached out to friends and friends of friends via social media interwebs and garnered images to wrap up the season. The response from the community was fantastic.

I collected so much more than images. What I found is all of us share the same desires and habits. Our love of the water brings us together whether we sail, fish, swim, paddle board, or fly a kite on the beaches. Of course, it seems rum and beers bring us together pretty well too. After sifting through the images, it’s obvious that whether we know each other through personal experience or not, we know each other through the love of boating and the water.

I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone that participated and gave me permission to use their photos. You’re the best and I’m proud to be a part of the Chicago boating community.

Achtung! Neither Crowley’s Yacht Yard nor I own these photos and were given permission to use them for this purpose only. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Click here for the pics.