smile and wave

Class Action

smile and waveHow cool would it be to compete in a National One Design class on a Morelli and Melvin designed catamaran that can be bought easily for around $2500?!

Imagine sailing six races a day, flying a hull, and competing against several world champions, and still have the energy to attend the after race party.  It is here and we are doing it!

The International Wave Class Association’s  Wave North Americans are underway at the Pensacola Beach Yacht Club.  Say what you will about the Hobie Wave, but they are fun, faster than a Laser on all points of sail (in >10k breeze), and hell it is one design! With only one string to pull, they are far less tweaky than most other boats.  We all have our high performance beach cats and/or PHRF boats but we love our one design races too.

The competitors are great; Tom Whitehurst is a former World Champion in Sunfish and Olympic medalist in 470’s. Most recently he and Kirk Newkirk (also several National titles) won the Florida 300. Tom is now a professional coach and has helped me for years. We even have a SCOTW in the fleet!

We got in 3 races on day 1 with light and fluky north winds. The breeze changed directions four times and challenged the competitors and race committee.  My wife, the SCOTW, managed to pin Tom on the left side so I could capitalize on fresher breeze coming in from the right. Nothing like husband/wife team racing! Rick White (IWCA founder and former Wave Nat’l Champ) won the day with a 1,3,1. I am pumped to be two points out of first with a 2,2,3. Tom is in third with a 4,1,4. It feels great to be beating my coach although I know it is short lived and I should probably put the boat on the trailer today and end on a high note.

Day two brought steady breeze, six races, and many changes in the points.  The top three competitors shuffled with Tom Whitehurst in the lead with 14 points, myself tied at 14 points, and Rick White slipping to 20 points.  The race for overall female also closed to within 2 points.  The wind did not cooperate on day 3.

All of the essential elements were here, great competition, awesome after race parties at the Pensacola Beach Yacht Club, lots of smack talk, protest threats quilled by beer bribes, hot chicks and most importantly, the camaraderie that only exists while sailing with hot chicks. Kirk Newkirk of Key Sailing competed and supplied the committee boats.

My coach won on a tie breaker, but I am still married to a SCOTW! Full results here. Photo Gallery here.

Come and sail with us in Islamorada December 4-7 at the Wave Nationals. – Anarchist Mike.