book ’em

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.28.58 AMYou want odd?  How about a digital campaign on Kickstarter aiming to raise funds for the creation and publication of a physical book (bound paper pages made from wood pulp and ink, arranged into pictures and words) about a fairly ancient racing boat celebrating its 50th anniversary?

There’s definitely something a little anarchic – or at least anachronistic – about the Soling Class’s new ’50th Anniversary Book’ campaign we saw this morning – just the kind of thing we like to share with you guys and gals, and knowing the characters involved, we’re certain that it will be a pretty fun book.  Note that if the full amount isn’t reached, nobody’s credit card gets charged by Kickstarter…

To further confuse you, watch this video about the project from Soling Class President Johan Offerman and check out their Facebook page.  This beautiful painting on the left comes from Savannah’s Ray Ellis Gallery.