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RdR Breaking

At 23:30 on November 2nd Cross informed the race management of the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe that a collision had occurred between Sodebo Ultim and a cargo ship. Skipper Thomas Coville was unharmed. The trimaran was sailing under 3 reefs and ORC, progressing at a speed of 15/18 knots in  30 knots of wind from the southwest. In shock, the trimaran has lost the front of the starboard float to link arms. The middle housing also appears to have been damaged at the front.

Sodebo Ultim now moves towards the port of Roscoff, crosswind, under reduced sail, leaning on the port float. He is currently lead less than 10 knots. By approaching the Brittany coast, the wind will ease and the sea to settle down. His crew was on standby in Brest will travel at night in Roscoff where the trimaran is due in the morning.