route de rome

Mateo Miceli (guy who holds couple of WSSRC records on 6m cat, Dakar-Guadeloupe) has departed 12 days ago on modified Class40 for the non-stop round the world voyage with aim to not use single drop of diesel and no prefabricated food onboard (he has two chickens, little garden planned by scientist and plenty of fishing gear). You can find more details on his website. Here is report from today:

romeIt is very hard at first light to get back on track. I put down the rod and the hydro generator that charges 12 amps, the battery is at 74%. I pulled up again frullone that night for fear of reinforcements as well as it rolled up the blanket I had put in.

From the track of October 30, I see that I was back but I’m happy for all the work done, now I should wait for the trade wind. Repaired the rudder brackets, bonded well sealed well bushings lower aft of the rudders. [Editor’s note – the water had seeped under stern rudders]. 5 hours to the hood but I think I’ve solved it all!:-)

Large beautiful sailing this code works with little air from 45 to 100 angle increases and if it makes you rest well. see how it behaves with the trade winds!