tacking duel

Big Pimpin’

tacking battleTacking battles are among the most exciting elements of a sailing regatta. This excitement is also brought by a new regatta game.

This is a tactician’s game.  You can tack, head up, bear off and virtually do everything to cover and control the competitor.  The player can force the competitor to unwanted tacking and try to catch the wind shifts to his own advantage.  However, the virtual competitor also knows the rules: if he approaches with the right of way, you have to avoid him.

The game is a zigzag course and the goal, of course, to be the first to cross the finish line so as to advance to the next of the seven levels.

This app is available at the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad, and at the Google Play Store for Android.  The versions for the MAC App Store and Windows App Store are in preparation.  Currently, the app is available in German, English, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian. $ 1.99 will be charged for the download. Have at it!