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midwinter revival

401335_372899099493029_2121992649_nWith the Vanguard 15 class in continuing decline, team racing Midwinters was cancelled this year, so Eckerd College Anarchists Kevin and Zach stepped up to do something about it, and Zach sent us a little note: “We know a ton of team race fans read Sailing Anarchy, and we’re hoping you can help us spread the word.”  Consider it spread. 

If you are bummed that the V-15 midwinters are dead, or if you never sailed the V-15 midwinters because you don’t have a boat, then come sail the first ever Eckerd Open Team Race hosted by Eckerd College on Dec 31- Jan 2. What could be better than some 3-on-3 action in warm Florida during the dead of winter?  We’re providing the boats, the dates have been setup not to conflict with Orange Bowl, and entry is dirt-cheap.  We’ve partnered with the beachfront Post Card Inn for an awesome regatta dinner and special regatta rates, and they are stoked to have us join in their New Year’s festivities! Bonus: No NYE driving!

Finally, we’ve got six Zim 15s to race; this will allow us to take more entries, and competitors will have a chance to get to know the boat used at the Hinman Teamrace.


Registration is now open and available online – please go there to register!