harsh reality

A 26.5km PHRF race around Eagle Island from Budd Bay in Olympia WA. A calm day that had an afternoon squall of 30-40 knots. One Viper 640 turtled twice but all 3 crew miraculously are safe. A HARM22 didn’t fortune so well. Very competent sailors. But their boat sank. 2 persons recovered by nearby sailboats, 1 couldn’t be recovered. News story here, FB page here.

Fucking tragic. I happened to not sail today, but then watched the coast guard copter fly around for hours and wondered what was going on. Huge storm came through. It was predicted, but came in very quickly. Went form a 5-8 knot gentle Saturday island race to a 40 knot squall in a short period of time. – Anarchist Jason.