Speaking of Moths…

The Wazsp looks like a moth, it will measure as a moth, it still has wings and foils in the same positions, it will be like a current moth to sail, except maybe simpler with less adjustments, but there are differences which make it cheaper to build, simpler to rig and more attractive to younger people and their parents who have to part with their money. That logically means less carbon and more weight.

Because of the weight and the simpler rig it should not be as fast as a Mach2, but AMAC has said he plans to sail on in the Sorrento Worlds in January, with hope of getting into the Gold fleet.

I understand that tooling is well on the way and some components have started production. Like a Mach2 there are a lot of parts to get right.

No one has yet seen one but some impressive digital images were shown to The Foiling Week attendees. Its not a secret, but we will not get more to see until they build a dedicated web site and have some product to show off.

Too many optimistic people go for premature publicity and fail to deliver on their promises, the Mach2 team are smart enough to not show too much until they are ready to deliver. Jump in the thread.