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honor killing

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Should SA’er “Black Jack” throw himself on his sword for cleaning sails in a community pool?  You decide.  

I have been now called a man of no honor, something I may have to learn to live with.

I woke up early this morning, took my two largest headsails to my community pool around 6:30am. I rinsed them off first, then put them in the large lap pool before anyone arrived. They soaked for 45 mins until the swimmers arrive (they do not live in my complex). I withdrew them from the pool and set them on the side to dry. I waited till the sun came out to dry them and roll them back with the help of my 14 year old son.

As I finished rolling them up at 10. An shirtless Asian man comes running up with a puffed chest began to yell at me for doing my “laundry” in the pool. He then said he had called the security officer on duty and I was in trouble. I said they were just clean sails which I was working to get the rust and inter stitch stains out. I told him to relax otherwise he might have a heart attack. He got furious and stated, “You have no honor”,  to which I said, “that may be true, but I do have clean sails.” As I left, the security officer rolled up, seeing me, my boy and the two sails leaving the pool.  He nodded and cracked a smile at me, knowing his trouble was handled with my departure.

I went home immediately to search on line for an expensive Seppuku blade to terminate my worthless life and restore my family honor. But since I have ADD, I got sidetracked and began to ordered a proper Dacron blade to restore my sailing honor.

Oh yeah, the pool made my sails look great, whiter than it has been in years and feels quite crisp (crisper). the pool technique really does work. Just don’t let non-sailor folks see you doing your “laundry” there.