hey what about the other one?

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In the “womp em” article…. great! Yet another plumb bow, chine stern machine – blah, blah, blah …. Same old, same old, same old …..boring-boring-boring. Now if you could tell your gentle readers what that really cool looking daysailer is in the water in front of the monsters, that would really be something to write about !!

Update: So we have received a number of e-mails on this very subject. Here’s a good one:

A Hodgdon 21 is one of what’s known as the “sister sloops,” and is more properly considered a variation of the Boothbay Harbor One Design. The design was created by Geerd Hendel, draftsman for Starling Burgess, for the Boothbay Harbor YC. (As it happens, hull #1, Loon – currently for sale in Gloucester, MA – was Burgess’ personal boat.) Slight variations of the design were created for nearby Christmas Cove YC, and other clubs on the Great Lakes. More info here:

The Hodgdon family built many of the BHOD’s, and other variations, at his yard in East Boothbay. My family owns BHOD #25, which was one of the last wooden hulls. Hodgdon, Christmas Cove, later BHOD, GL 21’s were built glass.

The design is obviously not as sporty as what we typically see on Sailing Anarchy, but it’s a great-sailing boat, and equally well-versed for one-design racing, family day-sailing, and as a junior trainer. There are several builders who are ready and willing to put a new boat on the water for spring 2015.