give ’em their props

Big Pimpin’

ewol banner adEWOL was born in 1997 with the desire to realize a line of yachting accessories featuring advanced technological performances. EWOL is a dynamic company that focuses on the application of new technologies and materials, computer-aided 3D design and verification of structural performance through FEM and extensive testing.

With prior expertise in marine propellers, oil and gas engineering and international product management, the team pointed since the beginning to using advanced materials and solutions in order to obtain a sailboat propeller with a low-drag, slim body but at the same time to be very sturdy and resistant to galvanic corrosion.

After many years of research, design and intensive tests, in 2005 EWOL finally introduced on the European market the E-Cubed 3 blades propeller. Besides matching the initial scope of the development project, this high-tech propeller is easy to install even underwater and can be adjusted from the outside with pitch settings enabling increments of 50 rpm at each step. The low weight of the propeller and its internal gears assure always smooth inversions at the gear box.
In 2011 EWOL presented “EWOL Titanium”, a product dedicated to larger yachts, with Titanium alloy blades enabling reduced weight of about 20 Lbs, high efficiency and mechanical resistance till over 160 cv.

In 2013 EWOL presented “EWOL Hi-Speed”, the only propeller dedicated to fast multihulls, Hi-Speed was awarded by the US magazine “Boating Industry” with the Top Product 2014 Award.

EWOL will exhibit at the Annapolis boatshow from 9 to 13 Oct. 2014.