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the young ones

Two time AC winning skipper Jimmy Spithill takes to the waters of Pewaukee, WI this weekend as the Mystery Guest for the long running Blue Chip.  No surprise that Scowbilly Video is on hand in the form of Petey Crawford.  Here’s a short report from our videographer extraordinaire:

While the direction wasn’t that desirable for this small lake, the velocity built all day, with major carnage rolling in with puffs well into the 30s when all was said and done.  31 legs in 3 races created lots of opportunity for spills and thrills and I was stoked that we were on hand to capture it. With aerial footage from Sean and Tiffany Fidler and our cameras rolling at deck level, we got just about all of the action I could fit on a barrel full of SD cards. This year’s mystery guest Jimmy Spithill had a blast “launching around the lake” and seemed to pick up on racing E scows pretty quickly. He laughed later about the time he was looking for a grinder for the main.  “TRIM!…wait…that’s my job…oh, never mind…EASE!” was how we heard it went down.

Despite the rockstar talent on hand, the day belonged to a 13 year old with a pretty good name of his own; Harry Melges IV (a/k/a “H4”) ended the day with just 3 points.  I told you after Nationals that we’d be seeing H4 kicking our asses for many years to come…I just didn’t expect it to be this soon, and in this much breeze.  Watch this space for more on young H4 and of course another breezy day in Pewaukee on the penultimate day of summer 2014.