canoe, who knew?

One of the coolest/strangest boats that somehow manages to endure as a class had their Worlds in Frisco. Here’s the PR….

canoeOn the morning of the last race of the 2014 International Canoe (IC) World championship, the championship was down to the wire with Mikey Radziejowski of Santa Cruz, CA (1, 1, [8], 2, 2, 2, 1, 2) leading reigning world champion Chris Maas of Anacortes, WA ([35/DNF], 2, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1) by only one point after eight races and one throw-out. With a second throw-out allowed after nine races, Sunday’s ninth and final race could have shuffled the final standings. However, the race had to be abandoned before the start due to winds topping the International Canoe (IC) class’ limit of 21 knots, securing the IC World Championship for Mikey Radziejowski.

Though only 22 years old, Radziejowski is not new to the sailing scene. He sailed his first IC Worlds in Australia at age 17, was member of the American Youth Sailing Force that raced on the AC45, is active in I-14 and Aussie 18 skiff sailing, and raced in the 2011 Transpac on Criminal Mischief, which came in second. “It’s all still surreal for me, I can’t believe I sailed well enough to win,” said Radziejowski. Although he finished in second place, Chris Maas took pleasure in knowing that Radziejowski was sailing a Superstring Theory boat, a Maas’ design. “It was possibly the most fun regatta I’ve ever sailed in,” said Maas. “Not only were the conditions challenging, but the competition was close, my boat was fast, and the camaraderie was tremendous.”

Third place goes to Alistair Warren of Saxmundham, Suffolk, Great Britain (42 points), Peter Ullman of Oldenburg, Germany came in fourth (46 points) and David Clark, from Warren, RI, USA finished in fifth place (47 points). Results.