there is no PiC in team

We have always thought that Team SCA was a bit removed from transparency – an oddly closed team that doesn’t say too much, but maybe, based on their statement below,  we can see why. No clear, established skipper/leader is not how you win, and only one reason why they won’t…

Team SCA has, from the start, eschewed the normal well-worn path of establishing a team behind the figure of a skipper.  For them, each member of the 14-strong squad is as important in the team.  In complying with tradition, Sam Davies (GBR) was formally named as the Person in Charge (skipper).  However, the reality is that it will take a crew of eleven women to sail a Volvo Ocean 65, not just one as each of them is an essential part of the team – whether they are trimming, helming, on the bow, in the pit or navigating.