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Local Knowledge

Last weekend was the Prince of Wales race out of the Royal Nova Scotian Yacht Squadron, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The race was started in 1860 and the cup was actually made by the same person that made the Americas Cup. This one is better!

It blew like stink. For most of the day the wind was floating around the mid to high 20’s but towards the end of the 25NM race our instruments had sustaining winds into the mid 30’s. Also in the gusts you would see spray getting blown off the top of waves. (Another boat said that they saw 38 knots true)

12 boats started and only 4 finished due to people dropping out. The fleet included a variety of boats with everything from a soto 40 to a C&C 37.  This us on our 1D 35 Climax. Also at 2:45 you can see the crew’s new boat speed record of 18.5 knots, confirmed by our Velocitek pro start and Navionics on the iPad.