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California Anarchist “EarthBM” wonders about the mysterious world of catamarans, and if he’s got the question, many more do, too.  Here’s the 2014 version of a question that’s been asked for decades.

I don’t want to start any tribal wars, but I have a simple boat design question. Why do multihulls (supposedly) not point as high as monohulls?

Is this because of leeway? So with effective foils, this goes away? Or is it because of the geometry where the lateral resistance (from the leeward hull) is leeward of the center line? Why would this matter with a balanced helm? (This reason would explain tris pointing better than cats).

Tell him what’s what over in the Multihull Anarchy thread.  Photo of some very high-pointing cats from the Little AC/Meredith Block Photos.